Celebrities That Support Donald Trump

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The recent USA presidential elections results came out totally opposite from what the majority of Americans expected. Even though it looked like a lot of people vouched for Hillary Clinton as their favorite candidate, Donald trump came out as a victor making the entire process the most talked about until date. Donald trump is a world renowned famous business tycoon and full of all types of controversies. His slogan for making America great again seemed to have drawn a massive crowd to vote for him despite all the negativities surrounding him. There are a lot of celebrities out there who seem to be behind his back due to one or many reasons. So whether we like it or not, Donald Tramp is our president and it is high time to come to terms with that fact. So here is a list of celebrities that support him.

1.      Bruce Willis

A famous actor and an open conservative, fully endorsed Donald Trump to be his President. He was sported wearing the “Make America great again” attire and even copied Donald’s hair style during the premier of his latest movie on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show. The actor said that he was willing to campaign for Donald Trump because he admires his business spirit and how he was able to rise into a famous business tycoon.


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