These 20 Body Builders Took Body Building To The Limits

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In today’s world, body building looks to be a healthy way to stay fit and active. With nutrition and exercise, body building should be the golden standard. But, too often, it costs people a lot of trouble especially if it is not properly executed. Here are 20 people who took body building to the limits so they ended up experiencing some negative side effects:

#1 – Chad Brothers

This bodybuilder, Chad Brothers, from New York City was working out when he tripped and fell. He went on a rampage so he was tasered to calm him down. He died an hour later and it was said that Roid Rage was to blame for his outburst.

#2 – Andres Gajdos

Andres Gajdos wanted to be the next “Rock.” He was seven feet, two inches tall, and had a ridiculous workout plan that few could achieve. Unfortunately, he died at the age of nineteen due to an enlarged heart.

#3 – Sally McNeil

This body builder used to be a marine. Sally McNeil used steroids and it led to a horrible temper. This temper led to beating a woman who slept with Sally’s husband. Later, she shot and killed her husband. She is now still angry and in prison.

#4 – Dan Puckett

This talented bodybuilder, Dan Puckett, was a very successful athlete. But, at the age of 22, he died. Heart failure was to blame and steroids were a big part of the problem that sent Dan to the grave.

#5 – Oli Clooney

From West Yorkshire, Oli Clooney was an amazing bodybuilder. Unfortunately, he started using steroids at the age of 16. By the time he was 20, he died.

#6 – Anthony D’Arezzo

Anthony D’Arezzo had an amazing form for a bodybuilder. He spent hours in the gym and used steroids. His doctor told him to quit but Anthony never did. In 2006, he died of a heart attack at the age of 44.

#7 – Greg Kovacs

Greg Kovacs was one of the best bodybuilders. He could gain weight and stay in shape all at the same time. One year, he reached 400 pounds while still looking fit as a fiddle. In 2006, he died of heart failure, also at the age of 44.

#8 – Mike Matarazzo

Mike Matarazzo was a famous bodybuilder in the 80s and 90s. At 6’10’’ and 250 pounds, he was a forced to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, he had a series of heart attacks and was dead by 48.

#9 – Gary Himing

This world famous athlete, Gary Himing, was one of the best bodybuilders around. He died on stage in 2009, due to a heart attack that was likely caused by steroids. He loved to compete and body building is what he loved to do best.

#10 – Scott Klein

Scott Klein was a well-known bodybuilder over the last two decades. With the help of steroids, he was ranked in the heavyweight division. At 30, he died of kidney failure after he became a trainer.

#11 – Mohammed Benaziza

A lot of awards were won by this man. Mohammed Benaziza won 7 Grand Prix events and 2 top five finishes for Mr. Olympia. After winning an event in 1992, he collapsed in his room and died at the age of 33 from heart failure.

#12 – Robert Benevente

This guy probably didn’t need a spotter but he was safe in some ways. Robert Benevente won first place in 2003 for the Southern States Competition. He died a year later at the age of 30 from a heart attack.

#13 – Andreas Münzer

This man almost looks like a cartoon. Andreas Munzer got his body fat almost completely to zero. It actually killed him in 1996. He was only 32. Organ failure was the cause of his death.