12 Innovative Ideas To Decorate Your Home Without Spending A Dime

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A decorated, beautiful home is always the neighbor’s envy but the owners’ pride. Most of us love to decorate our homes, but many a time, the budget becomes a constraint. Often, we start thinking if there is any way that we can meet both the needs, which means the home will be looking good, without spending on expensive decors and expenses on the card.

Well, the intention may sound overly optimistic, but in reality, it is not. With some creative approaches, you can create gorgeous home décor, but it will not cost you anything significant. Feeling intrigued? Explore some ideas here.

1. Change your furniture arrangement

The idea seems too plain to implement. Yes, it is, but the effect will be outstanding. Try it, and you will get amazed that a slight change of place can make such a new look altogether! Do the change creatively, and you will surely be happy with the result. Enjoy a new look, and the makeover will not cost you anything!

old crockeries home decoration

2. Use old crockeries to decorate the walls

Old crockeries are some of the items which are a problem for instant discarding. They are memoirs of old days, and that is why they’re often hard to let go of. But storing them can become it’s own problem. Taking cues from shabby chic interior design styles, you can easily reuse them as eye pleasing wall décor. Try this trick and let your walls whisper sweet creative melodies to you and your guests!

recycled can decoration

3. Recycle beverage cans

Use the beverage cans for your flower vase or plant holder. You can paint these cans or let them look as if they are to add a vintage rustic look in your décor strategy. They will look fantastic with plants, and the idea, you see, is totally pocket friendly!

diy rustic bookshelf

4. Decorate your room with your books

Your books are your asset, indeed. Now creatively display the assets to add décor. Change the books’ cover in different colors and present them with a unique color combo. The plan will not cost you much, but your room décor will get a new look altogether.

Creative magazine coasters

5. Make your room organized with recycled materials

If you have books and magazines plenty in number, but your fund is not permitting you to make a new bookshelf, recycled materials can help you! Arrange cardboard boxes, pallets, wooden boxes, or plastic boxes from your storeroom. Paste them one on another with a glue gun. Your bookshelf is ready at no cost!

6. Reuse the old photo frames

It is rightly said old is gold. Just check the old photo frames lying in your storeroom. Now clean them and make them air dry. You can set new snaps in it. Look if there are some family photos or some good pictures already in your stock to decorate your walls. The symmetry in the asymmetry will help you to create an exclusive look.

Are you not getting good pictures? Use the internet. You will get plenty of options. Just download some of the pieces and use your printer. Your décor items are ready for framing.

7. Add green in your décor plan

Green is beautiful, and you can use lovely green shades in every corner, be it your patio, your terrace, or your living room. Don’t go for many so that your room looks like a miniature wood. Use some indoor plants wisely and selectively in decorative pots. Want to make some recycled pots? Paint the old buckets and containers and reuse them for plant potting.

Arrange some sunlight for them and add some healthy plant food in the pots to supply the nutrition. Without any significant investment, you will get to add splendid décor in your interior. The plan will help you to keep your indoor air fresh too. Isn’t it an innovative idea to add more vibes in your room décor? Just try it!

8. Quick! Stitch up some cushion covers

Slight modification on the cushion covers on your daybed or the sofa will work fabulously in décor change! You will get to create a real and outstanding makeover of your room. The process is easy!

Find out some old fabrics, which are not in use. You can make some designer cushion covers with them. Add both bright and light colors of fabric to make the set attractive and vibrant. The room décor will take your time, but it will never attack your budget.

Converted Trunk

9. Convert a trunk into storage cum sitting divan

 If you ever find that your room is looking cluttered because small things are scattered here and there, plan for an organizer. If you have an old trunk in your house, you can modify your cluttered room into an organized place. Bring the trunk and place all the small items in it.

Cover the trunk with a good cover and arrange a soft cushion on it. The getup of the room will be changed instantly, and it will not be costly by price.


10. Add extra space with a mirror

Want to add an extra space in a small room at the pocket-friendly price? Add a mirror on the wall opposite the entryway of the room. The mirror will create a space illusion, and you will never feel the space is too short. It is a cost-efficient trick that will change your room decor instantly. Besides creating a space illusion, fixing a decorative mirror on your passageway is a beautiful idea to embellish a dull space.


11. Add wall hanging to keep your floor free

 Just put some hooks on the wall of a corner of your home. You can hang there net baskets or the hanging planters to keep small items stored in them, which you may need now and then. The corner will look creative, and you can make the floor of your room free of clutter.

Suitcase Nightstand

12. Convert old suitcases in nightstands

Want to add a bedside nightstand? You can use your old suitcases. Place it on a small tool, and you will find one or two surely around you. You may use wooden ones or plastic made items. The suitcase will hold some bedside items, and the upper surface will work as your table.


That’s a Wrap!

Hopefully with the help of these 12 innovative ideas you can happily perk up your room décor. Neither any of these ideas are costly, nor will you mess with your décor budget. These plans will help you to recycle your existing items, which are not in use.

So, let us know if you have any more ideas about decorating your home without breaking the bank in the comment section below. And if any of the ideas we have suggested here have been helpful, please feel free to share your experiences and photos!