How to Vacation At Home During This Quarantine Season

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The Coronavirus has hit the world hard, and a lot of us had to cancel their travel plans due to this very reason. It has affected economies around the world, and one of the worst-hit industries happens to be tourism. 

If you are passionate about traveling and are stuck within the confines of your home, worry no more. We are here to list an array of vacationing techniques at home. 

We understand how claustrophobic it might feel to be within the four walls of your room, and we are going to give you ninja techniques to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine season!

Music Vibe

Vibe to your playlist 

When you go vacationing, you always create a playlist, right? Why not create it at home as well! Include party songs, beachy music, classic numbers to help set the mood. Throw in some disco lights and dance to your favorite tracks when no one’s watching and voila! You will successfully create your party. Create your vibes!

Dress Up

Dress up and makeup!

Often, when you are in your regular attires, you might not feel the part. Try dressing up even if you are home. This is an instant mood lifter – you will feel good about yourself, but you will also be able to create the vacation vibe if you are at home. Add to that some makeup of your choice, and you will feel on top of the world even on the most tedious and lonesome day! So go ahead, get those dresses and Bermuda shorts out of the wardrobe already!

Interior Design

Get your designer hat on

 A little decoration here and there can help you set your vibes instantly. Try decorating your home in a manner that gives you the feel of a resort. Get a tropical table, hang some fresh flowers here and there, even paint a wall if you wish to – add to that, some string lights, and boom! Go into vacay-mode, instantly!


Bring on the chef inside you

 Cooking has always been therapeutic. Organize family dinners and brunches and cook a full-fledged meal for the entire family. You can even organize cooking parties where everyone can take part in and cook meals together. This is a great way to have fun, do something productive, and interact with your family members and get closer to them. You can even learn about that old recipe that your grandma has always made for you and your cousins!

Movie Night

Movie nights

 So, what if you are unable to go to the movie theater and grab a bunch of popcorn and soda? You can organize the same thing at home with your family. Put on some Netflix, or download a string of your favorite movies, put them on the big screen television in the hall room, stash up some popcorn of different flavors, cook some chicken and sandwiches, and have a fantastic movie night with your loved ones.


Unplug yourself

 In case you are working from home, we understand how difficult it might be to maintain the balance between your work and personal life. During such times, whenever you are on leave, or it’s a holiday, unplug yourself from everything – whether its emails, social media, or devices. Allow yourself to soak in, relax, and do your favorite activities. Or just sleep in!

Backyard Inflatable Pool

Make a water park in your backyard

 It’s challenging to manage a house with kids all the time – we are definitely with you on this one! But hey! There are plenty of fun activities that you can organize for your kids! Get an inflatable pool table or a water lawn slide along with some sprinklers, and you can create a full-fledged water park right in your backyard. Organize fun water activities with the kids, play some music, cook them some lip-smacking food, and have a great time with your family like you are on vacation!


Camp in your living room or the back yard

 If you are newlyweds or living together, organize a special date night with your significant other. We understand how difficult it is not to make it to your honeymoon because the world just shuts down! That’s alright! Organize a camp in your background, stack up some wine, and watch the stars with your loved one. You can even camp indoors, cuddle through the night, put on some romantic tracks, and enjoy each other’s company.

Cocktail Hour

Organize “cocktail” parties 

 You can organize cocktail parties in its purest form – put on your beach clothes, make yourself and your loved ones your favorite frozen drinks or cocktails, and stash up the vacation vibes! Settle for drinks that you would usually drink while you are on vacation, put on some good tracks, and play videos of waves hitting the shore on your television and feel like you are in the middle of a holiday!

Just One Glass

Storm up a wine tour at home

 Have you been planning on that wine tasting trip but somehow couldn’t make it thanks to COVID? Well, now you can do it right in your home! Set up a wine trail in different rooms – delegate different wines in separate rooms and try to pair different sections with varying types of cheese from all around the world for that extra fun.

Virtual Rave

Attend virtual music or a film festival

 A lot of us had to get our tickets refunded this year due to the sudden lockdown. If you are one of us, worry no more – many festivals are going online and streaming their shows on various platforms. You can log in to these websites and watch these shows live and feel those festive vibes right in the confinement of your homes!

With these tips in hand, we are sure that you will have a fantastic time at your home with your family. These activities are surely going to bring a lot of joy and happiness into your lives and help you rediscover the little things in life in a different light altogether.