15 Helpful Tips to Take Your Baking to The Next Level

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Baking Party

Baking is not everyone’s cup of tea. With new bakeries mushrooming around us and young entrepreneurs trying the baking hat, the industry is in constant limelight. Let’s not forget the trending baking classes which even toddlers get to attend and horn their baking skills.

Well, baking is a professional skill, and to master it, one must gain a profound knowledge of the ingredients, the best possible combination for each recipe, and how they perform when placed in an oven under the heat. Garnishing and designing also play a pivotal part in achieving a perfect baking success.

It is, therefore, necessary for bakers to get accustomed to the bakeshop equipment and their usage. So, if you want to bake some of the sweetness at home like a professional, you must have a profound understanding of this craft! Listed below are a few amazing tips that would help you polish your baking skills.

The Art of Baking

1. A multi-nozzled squirt bottle for a super soft and moist cake

So, you managed to bake a perfect cake but are stuck with a dried-out cake, which is often hard to swallow. After taking out your freshly baked cake, give it a quick shower of syrup using a multi-nozzled soaker bottle. It has a lid resembling a showerhead to distribute the syrup on the cake evenly, so it won’t dry out after cutting.

baking cookies

2. Bake the cookie after 24 hours after the dough ripens

Does the fragrance of a buttery cookie with chocolate chips fill the ambiance and make your mouth watery? But you have to hold your taste buds a bit more. After rolling out your cookie dough, put it in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours. This will help the dough slightly dry out, and your cookies will have an enhanced texture and flavor.

3. The key to tackling anything in baking is a bench scraper

Do you want to know a little secret for a seamless baking experience? Well, then get a bench scraper handy! It will ease your task of baking a perfectly smooth cake with the right amount of dough portioning.

4. Use cocoa powder for prepping chocolate cakes 

Just like any other chocolate cake lover, you must have tried your hand in baking one. But oh no! The dough can get real messy on the cake pan and countertops, making baking seem tedious. A quick tip is to prep your cake pan with cocoa powder instead of flour and look at the magic. By dusting and buttering the cake pan with cocoa powder, the cake will come out smoothly without sticking.

fruit baked goods5. Make food scales your best buddy

Are you measuring your dough ingredients in terms of volumes and not weight? Hold on! You are about to get an inappropriate proportion and inconsistent result. Before becoming an ace baker, you must have a profound knowledge of the usage of food scales.

6. Ring molds for baking and clean frosting

As your heart craves to devour on a cupcake or cookie, your wallet screams otherwise, as purchasing a cake pan is quite expensive. But here comes the trick! Take a ring mold on a completely flat sheet baking tray, pour the dough to bake it like a pro, and use it to add clean frostings.

7. Russian piping tips for fancy decorations

Have you tried out the new Russian piping tip to make your baked items look fancy and delicious? Well, it’s time to get one for your kitchen. This piping has different tips that can create intrinsic designs on your cake.

8. Use bubble tea straw to your rescue

Planning to surprise your family members and guests with a multi-layer cake? So if the expensive cake holders are out of you

professional bakers

r budget, you can get a bubble tea straw to firmly hold your cake. Place it in the center of the cake with a trimming top, add your favorite toppings and ta-da, you are a pro baker!

9. Oven thermometer to get the perfect baking temperature

Are you perplexed with the inadequate browning or inconsistent rise and fall of the dough? Please don’t blame it on your poor baking skills! The problem can be with your cake oven. Invest in getting an oven thermometer, check the temperature, and then enjoy a perfectly baked smooth and delicious cake.

10. Quick taps and spin 

When the dough’s consistency seems perfect to enter the oven, give it a few good taps and a quick spin to eliminate air bubbles. It will also aid the batter to rise evenly on the sides instead of creating a dome.

11. Silica packets 

The small silica packets that come with electronic goods can be really handy in keeping the baked goods and finicky garnishes nice and dry. Exposure to air can make sugary frosting and cookies chewy.

12. Know the equation not the baking recipe

Did you know that the baking ratio is more important than the recipe? Well, every professional baker follows this policy and creates a mouthwatering signature dish. Just remember the exact proportions, and your pastry will become a hit.

13. Heat the frosting equipment for a smooth finishing

Do you have a blowtorch or hot water to heat your cake spatula? Heating baking equipment can help it glide smoothly over the frosting without melting it much. 

14. Vanilla bean powder alternative for real vanilla beans

Now that you are craving for some real vanilla enriched pastry, your budget doesn’t fit the bill for $8 per bean. But as an alternative, you can use vanilla bean powder and enjoy the same taste.

15. Avoid using too much gluten

Gluten is the Messi of the baking world and can bind your cake and cookies in harmonious sync. But adding a little too much can ruin the game, and your baked items can become a blunder. Use gluten mixtures as little as possible for making brownie, cupcakes, and cookies.


Baking is an art, and you can become a master of it with some quick tips and tricks. It is a precision game wherein you have a little liberty of mix and matching and creating delicious signature dishes like professional bakers. Besides skills, frequent practice will make you a pro baker!