18 ESPN Scandals That Rocked The Sports World

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ESPN is the cream of the crop when it comes to sports news. Daily, sports fans tune-in to this network to see and hear all the excitement that has gone on in the world of sports. Unfortunately, ESPN has had its issues which has caused some of its beloved anchors and analysts to be fired. Here are some of the biggest ones.

#1 – Skip Bayless



Skip is the most criticized of the reporters on ESPN. He likes to yell on-air, he dislikes anything involving the Texas Longhorns, and he started the rumor that Troy Aikman was gay. He has recently left the network for a long term deal with Fox Sports.

#2 – Jason Whitlock


ESPN fired Jason Whitlock when he started to call his co-workers some colorful names such as an “insecure, mean-spirited busybody” and a “clown.” I guess his co-workers haven’t heard the saying sticks and stones, huh?

#3 – Jay Crawford and Woody Paige

In 2007, Jay Crawford and Woody Paige were both accused of sexual harassment by a make-up artist from the company “Cold Pizza.” They both denied the charges and all have moved on from the situation.

#4 – Jemele Hill

This analyst, Jemele Hill said some comments that left many people with a bad taste in their mouth. During the 2008 NBA Playoffs, she was suspended for comparing John Calipari to Charles Manson and saying “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim.” Not good, Jemele.

#5 – Rob Parker

After racial remarks about Robert Griffin III, Rob Parker was fired by the network. Apparently, Parker had something against Griffin marrying a white woman and saying that he was no “real brother.” After the comments, Parker was suspended and fired later.

#6 – Ashley Madison Scandal

During working hours, over one-hundred employees got connected with Ashley Madison. This online dating service is specifically targeted for adults who want to cheat. Some of ESPN’s top executives where on the list, with one spending over $2,000 for a “cougar.”

#7 – Paul Shirley

This analyst, Paul Shirley, was fired after he uploaded a blog about Haiti. He mentioned that Haitians were to blame for the natural disaster. These remarks were not looked at fondly and he quickly was released from his duties on the network.

#8 – Ken Harrelson and Jay Mariotti

In 2004, these two got into a physical altercation when Ken Harrelson punched Jay Mariotti in the face. Previously, Ken had called Jay “the biggest sports fraud,” and the feud was born. Mariotti was later arrested after the altercation, but not Harrelson. Now how did Ket get a free pass?

#9 – Curt Schilling

This former pitches and baseball analyst, Curt Schilling, was in some hot water with he tweeted about transgender bathrooms. Curt said, “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves, I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with. A men’s room is designed for the penis.” Yikes.

#10 – Mike Tirico

The next anchor, Mike Tirico, is a veteran at ESPN. Unfortunately, he has been known for sexual harassment and stalking. Other reports have circulated that he engaged in some behavior with two female employees. Tiricio, unlike most, did not get fired.

#11 – Bill Creasy

This scandal involves Bill Creasy. He had a sexual harassment allegation against him by a 30-year old named Melissa DiMarco. At the time, Bill was 74 and Melissa said he demanded that she “sleepover” with him. Creasy was fired but the lawsuit has been amicably settled.

#12 – Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, is one of the most well-known on ESPN. He used to commentate for football. However, he was fired over many racist remarks. It actually did not come soon enough.

#13 – Scott Sassa

In 2013, Scott Sassa was forced by ESPN to resign. Sexual text messages were sent by Sassa and he was blackmailed if he didn’t pay money to keep them secret. He did not pay and the messages were sent to headquarters. You know what happened from there.

#14 – ESPN Book

Apparently, ESPN is quite the partying place. At the headquarters in Connecticut, there is a lot of inequity. This was a leak in a book called “Those Guys Have All The Fun” by James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales. It is full of a culture embedded in drugs and sex. Who knew?

#15 – Neil Goldberg

Neil Goldberg, had a peeping tom scandal. He was a producer for the show and was fired after it was revealed. He ultimately admitted to police what he was doing. But his honesty did not save his job though.

#16 – Harold Reynolds

ESPN fired Harold Reynolds over a “pattern of sexual harassment.” He denied the allegations and said they were “A Total Misunderstanding”. In 2006, Reynolds fired back and planned to sue the bastards. He was rewarded over a million dollars in 2008 from the settlement.

#17 – Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips, an analyst for baseball, was fired in 2010 after he admitted to having sexual intercourse with a production assistant. The news got out, and ESPN, embarrassed, let him go.

#18 – Keith Clinkscales

Kevin Clinkscales worked with Erin Andrews as an ESPN executive. He was accused of fondling himself on a plane with Andrews sitting next to him. Clinkscales however, denied that he did anything of the sort.