25 Ridiculous People At Walmart…#19 Is Totally Hilarious!

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Hello Walmart shoppers! Are you aware that the most hilarious aspects of a store is not the wide selection of clothing available? Yep, it isn’t the clothing collections but the people, the shoppers or the customers, whatever you want to call them. And in case you aren’t aware, let me tell you that PeopleOfWalmartcom exists. It is a website that’s solely dedicated to this alternate world. There are many different kinds of people who visit the store every single day! Here are 25 of the most ridiculous people you would only see at Walmart:

1. Which aisle did you get those shoes?


I have another questions Mr. Where did you buy those shoes? They’re truly a stunner! Kudos to that shoes!. Walmart is really the best place to go when wearing that shoes!


2. She is a stunner…40 years ago, maybe?


I have some more questions. As you are a sir or ma’am? I really can’t tell from behind. Where did you get those boots? I gotta have one! And oh my, those daring top, skimpy shorts, and sexy fishnet stockings are truly awesome…for a lady in 20’s I guess…


3. Good night! Sweet dreams!


 Walmart is a huge place so if you roam around the store all day, you’ll probably get really tired and end up sleeping in one of the aisles. If you get caught, just say, “I passed out!” If not, then its is a cool and comfy night!

4. There’s a spooky cat on your behind dear!


Is it Halloween? The eyes of the cat are really spooky! Well, maybe she loves cats. Studies say that people of Walmart loves to embody their favorite animals. Oh wait, I just can’t help but notice the pink tutu…I got so confused. Are you really going shopping madam? Or are you going to do ballet? Or are you going to sleep? One thing more, I really thought that tutu skirts are just for little girls. 🙂


5. Some clothes can really speak for the wearer.


Statement clothing is really a hit these days. It gives other people an idea on what the wearer is. Just make sure that your are wearing a statement clothing that describes you or you can relate to, not the other way around.


6. A deviled egg with pitchfork?


She can win a best Halloween costume award! Way to go missy!


7. You are in the right aisle Mister.


He is really vain when it comes to his hair… How about a purple hair sir? Or a green hair color? He will surely be find the right hair color for him.


8. Dress To Impress Walmart Shopper


So what’s with the bulging gut, unbuttoned shirt, gold watch, gold necklace, and flip-flops sir? According to Walmart standards, this is the dress to impress shopper. But he still deserves some respect.


9. Are they getting married? In a dairy aisle?


Hilarious! Maybe they’re making sure that they aren’t gonna run out of milk during their honeymoon. What do you think?


10. Things are getting ‘downward spiral’


Alright! What is happening to the people of Walmart? I hope every situations are properly handled because they are obviously getting worse. At least, this man managed to wear a cap.


11. Soar high butterfly!


Okay, maybe this butterfly wants to listen to some good music while flying around.


12. Ear-phone!

That is literally an ear phone!


13. WWE wrestlers go shopping too…


From his look and build, you can really tell that he is a WWE legend, or maybe not?


14. Now, this is some kind of a fashion statement


I am just wondering, who is your stylish man? Your fashion style makes me go insane!


15. Pokemon People



16. Ace Frehley or Ronald McDonald? LOL


Is this Ace Frehley or Ronald McDonald? Nice to see you sir, whoever you are? LOL


17. He’s dressed up like that for what?
Admit it, he is a stunner in his white tank top but what is he buying? Oh, a pack of Natural Ice, yeah…cool!


18. What is Adam West doing?


The bat went out of his cave to go shopping and save money at Walmart. Nothing wrong with that!


19. Its Valentine’s Day everyday at Walmart

If she is the shopper, it is Valentines everyday! This lady is obviously in love or obsessed about love or anything red.


20. Is that hair or a mop on the head?


This is a ridiculous hairstyle. Is it just me or it is really a mop over her head? Nothing fancy, but funny! It’s Walmart.


21. Advertise your junk business at Walmart


If you want more clients, advertise your brand or service at Walmart. Its free and it is sure to bring you lots of clients! Clients mean money, more money!


22. Calling Child Protective Services


Alright, this isn’t funny but if that plastic bag is over the mom’s head instead, that would be a whole lot hilarious!


23. A Lady Gaga fanatic at Walmart!


With the hair, the outfit, the stockings, and the shoes, this guy totally nailed it! He is the male Gaga! But, what’s up with the keys?


24. This is ridiculous fashion people!


All of us are free to express ourselves through the clothes we wear. But if you are planning to wear socks, slippers, and a short skimpy jean shorts and you are overweight, think again! Such a fashion statement is totally hilarious and will simply not work. If you think you look great and sexy at that, you must be high!


25. The Mickey-Elvis Fashion

Obviously, this man is fan of Elvis Presley and Mickey Mouse and he cannot decide which one is the closest to his heart so he wore them. I wonder where he got this clothes from.  I must have my own set of Minnie-Marilyn Monroe fashion collection.