30 Shocking Celeb Weight Transformations

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The stress and pressure associated with being famous are the main reasons why many celebrities gain weight. And because they are working in an industry that values and markets how they look on the outside, many celebrities especially those who have gained weight did every possible way to get back in shape so they will look good and pleasing again.

The 30 celebrities in this list below have shockingly lost weight with the help of weight loss plans, diets, training, and many other weight loss techniques. Here they are:

Let’s All Be Grateful To Christina Aguilera’s Professional Physical Trainer

Christina Aguilera

Have you watched Christina’s “Dirrty” video with Redman? Well, now that she has already lost weight after her pregnancy, she is back in shape and who knows, she might do another sexy video again anytime soon.

See the next slide for one of our favorite transformations of all time!

Goodman Lost Weight In A Healthy Way

John Goodman

John Goodman got tired of always being cast as the “big guy” in movies so he decided to follow a strict weight loss diet plan. He also visit the gym regularly so he end up losing a  shocking 100 pounds. Now he looks really good and he is no longer the big guy in movies.

You won’t believe what this next funny guy looks like now!

Zach Galifiankis Nailed It!


Zach always call his professional fitness trainer for his weight loss goals. on call  He also religiously followed the healthy diet plan which was provided to him by his professional nutritionist.

This next personality took a short cut…but what do you think?

Rosie O’Donnell’s Surgical Weight Loss


O’Donnel’s first few struggles to lose weight did not succeed so she decided to go through a surgical procedure which helped her lose a whopping 175 pounds. Her weight loss journey is finally over and she said that she’s never been so happy with her new look and shape right now.

Wow!! The next transformation on our list looks gorgeous now…

What Helped Jordan Lose Weight? Weight Loss Pills Or Physical Workout?


How did Sparks lose it? We are not really sure. But what we are sure sure there she was follogwing a diet plan and hitting the gym religiously. Jordan today is  in a great shape and is looking really sexy and beautiful as ever.

You won’t believe this next weight loss story…is that even the same woman?!

Jennifer Hudson’s Elegant Transformation


WOW! This rising star and songstress really has transformed beautifully and she looks really amazing!

OK, i think Kelly took weight loss a bit too far…what do you think about her on the next slide?

Kelly Osbourne’s Shocking Weight Loss


This shocking weight loss transformation is achievable if you have all the means to buy the most expensive home fitness and professional training equipment.

Next: It looks like 50 Cent ended up looking like he only has 50 cents LOL…we can’t believe he looks like that now.

50, Is That Professional Plastic Surgery or What?


No, this guy who also happens to be one of the world’s most famous rapper did not go through any surgical procedure so he can lose weight in preparation for a movie role. Instead, he hired a professional fitness trainer and religiously followed a very strict weight loss diet plan in order to achieve his extreme weight loss goals and he nailed it!

 Our next celeb transformation took weight loss very seriously…

Oprah Took Her Weight Loss Goals Seriously, Indeed!


The beautiful curvy figure of Oprah is long gone. But now she looks better, younger, and more beautiful with a cinched waist. Supplements and other natural weight loss alternatives may have helped her achieve her weight loss transformation.

Next: You wouldn’t believe that’s how Queen Latifah used to look like…

You would want to know who is Queen Latifah’s Professional Physical Trainer!

Queen Latifah is looking even more stunning and awesome after he weight loss journey was a success. Thanks to her physical trainer and to the professional Botox injections that she possibly got in order to get back her shape and younger glow.

Ummm…this next weight loss transformation looks more like an eating disorder. What do you think?

Is Snooki Shrinking? 


This Jersey Shore star is popular because of her Instagram posts wherein she is mostly wearing an athletic apparel and some professional training gears, but it isn’t just for flaunting. She is really working hard to lose weight and she did it! She did shrank and achieved an amazing weight loss transformation.

Wow, Jonah is looking handsome now! Check out his transformation on the next slide!

Jonah Makes Good Use Of His Gym Membership

Jonah always play funny roles in movies but this time, he is not joking around. He took his weight loss goals seriously and succeed! He got a gym membership and make good use of it with the help of a professional fitness trainer. He also strictly followed a custom weight loss diet for best results and indeed, the result was amazing!
Our next celeb to make it to the list is still a work in progress, but you won’t believe what Mama June used to look like!

Mama June Throw Away Her Snacks And Grab Hold Of Her Training Gear


After learning that she will always be in the limelight for her movie “Here Come Honey Boo Boo”, Mama June decided to lose weight and she did it big time! After working so hard, she lost about 100 pounds.

Next up is Janet Jackson, who at 50 years old just announced is having a baby!

But there’s no way she used to look like that!! See next slide to show her incredible transformation…

Janet’s Back And She Looks Really Stunning!


Janet is finally back and she looks really beautiful and stunning after her successful weight loss journey. Thanks to her physical trainer and some anti-aging treatments, Janet is going to be under the limelight very soon.

We didn’t know Tyra Banks used to be plus size?! Click next to see her back in the plus-size days…

Tyra Is Always On Top


After gaining some weight and being caught on cam in an unflattering shape, Tyra, one of the world’s top models, decided to shed off the extra pounds by hiring a professional fitness trainer. She did not go through any surgical procedure for weight loss despite all the pressure that she is getting from fellow models and celebrities. Great job Tyra!

NO WAY! We cannot believe what Raven, from ‘That’s So Raven’, used to look like before she lost all that weight! Click next to find out…

Raven? Is That Really You?


Raven Symone was almost unrecognizable when she came back to spotlight after a successful weight loss journey.

We still think Christian Bale looked good even when he was fat! What do you think? Click next to see his fat days… 

Bales Had To Lose Weight For A Machinist Role


The famous actor Christian Bale had to lose weight for his role in the “Machinist” and he did! He lost a total of 70 pounds in preparation for the movie. On top of this, he did really well and he even received many awards for it.

Next up is Mariah Carey, she has come so far…

This Diva Had An Amazing Weight Transformation

Mariah struggled with weight gain when she got pregnant with her twins. After she gave birth in 2011, she decided to get back in shape with the help of her physical trainer. She lost 50 pounds and now she is the glitter star again.

The Legend Is Back


The legend, Aretha Franklin decided she had to lose weight fast after she gained 300 pound and was diagnosed with diabetes. She lost 85 pounds in her journey and she is now looking really amazing!

Dr. Dre? WOW! Just WOW!


Dr. Dre, the rapper and producer has transformed to be a total beefcake and he really look awesome!

Jerry Ferrara Is Hot!


Jerry Ferrara, the former Entourage star decided to get healthy and be fit after reaching about 200 pounds. He is now looking really hot and healthy after following a strict diet plan and hitting the gym regularly.

Perz Hilton’s Amazing Transformation


Perz Hilton, the famous celebrity blogger hired a professional fitness trainer who helped me lost 70 pounds and get those abs.

Tom Arnold Bid Goodbye To His Vices

Tom used to drink and do drug but after getting rid of his vices and following a strict weight loss diet plan, he lost about 100 pounds! His commitment to a strict diet plan helped him drop the weight.

Jill Scott’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss


After giving birth to her soon in 2009, Jill Scott gained weight during her pregnancy. After she gave birth in 2009, she decided to lose weight because of peer pressure. After following a strict diet plan and exercise routine, she lost 150 pounds and now, she looks stunningly beautiful.

Soul Singers Fantastic Weight Loss Transformation

Chaka Khan became famous because of her soulful and funky style. But after gaining so much weight in 2014, she decided to live a healthier lifestyle, took supplements, and hired a fitness trainer. She then lost 60 pounds so her weight loss struggles are now finally over.

Alec Baldwin Is Still A Hottie


To get his shape back, the stunning Alec Baldwin went on a sugar-free, low-carb diet, and it helped him lost a whopping 60 pounds. Now, he looks stunning as ever.

Ruben Studdard


After winning the second season of “American Idol,” Studdard won a Grammy Award nomination, and lost 119 pounds! Talk about being on a roll. Way to go Ruben!

Austin “Chumlee” Russell

By not consuming processed food and with the help of his woman, Austin Russell dropped 75 pounds. Hope he can keep it up for good.

Gabourey Sidibe


Gabourey was the star of the movie “Precious” in 2009. She struggled with weight loss after the movie and came back with a  surprise weight transformation. We hope that she will be able to  We hope she is able to keep it up and stay in shape for health’s sake.

Rick Ross


Pro Rapper Rick Ross surprised everyone with his dramatic weight loss transformation. All praises for this guya, he really worked hard for his weight loss goals for sure. We hope that he will still be topless in his coming music videos because he will look better this time.