7 Success Stories That Rose From Their Mistakes 

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It is an old saying that failures are the pillars of success. But in reality, we judge the merit of a person by his failure first. Once he/she has failed in a process, we count him/her as the dark horse. But, all mistakes are not the harbinger of disappointments. There are many success stories in the world, which started with a failure or a mistake.

Often failures surface because of the mistakes in plans and programs: yes, genius can also go wrong. You may observe startup stories flooded with such narratives. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs started their business with a history of failure and mistakes in their perception, be it business, work-life, or personal life.

steve jobs

The mistakes of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the world-famous name behind the Apple Empire, and he is the man who created Apple a brand. But do you know that he suffered layoff from the Apple Company for some grave mistakes he committed? At that same time, he committed some major slip-ups with the “NeXT” computer focused on business and higher education markets.

Surprisingly, Apple Lisa was a failure for the prodigal “mistake man.” But he didn’t give up. He rejoined Apple, and he made Apple a super brand the world possesses today!


Elizabeth Blackwell: The First Female Doctor in The Land of  The Free

She was the first female doctor of the Unites States. She became a doctor in a period when society believed that ladies are not capable of being a doctor. But she didn’t give up. She saved money for attending medical college. She applied to different colleges but suffered rejection everywhere.

But at Hobart College, the luck smiled, but her selection was initially a mistake. The authority took her as a man, and it was the turning point for the lady. She became the first lady doctor in the year 1849 after receiving her medical degree from the US medical college of Geneva. Later on, she started a medical college for women to facilitate their doctoral study. She flagged the success story of women doctors, but her selection was a blessed mistake.

The Story of Bill Gates: The Microsoft Giant

Bill Gates was a Harvard dropout. His first business was the Traf-O-Data, and it was a big zero in terms of success. It was his mistake no doubt to leave his education incomplete, and people around him started judging him as a failure. But he was not to be known as a man who will be remembered for his mistakes. He didn’t give up.

The next millstone is a popular story of success. Bill Gates established Microsoft, the software giant. He is now one of the wealthiest persons in the world with a fantastic philanthropic mind. His dropping out from Harvard was a mistake, but his mistake did not stop him from touching the summit of success.  


Steven Spielberg-the Oscar winner film director world honors

Steven Spielberg is a famous name who made movies a general entertainment for kids and adults alike. He has already bagged three Oscars, and his films like Jaws, E.T. Jurassic Parks are the milestones in the world of movies. However, the early school education of this movie genius was not at all rosy.

He used to get into trouble and was consistently earning poor grades in school. The University of Southern California rejected his application three times, and by mistake, everybody thought of this boy as a lost cause.

But luck smiled at him differently. The executives from Universal selected him, and he started his media career as one of the television directors in 1969. If the University of Southern California had not rejected him, we could have missed the director, Spielberg! What a costly mistake it has been for the world of celluloid!

mj dunk gif

Michael Jordan: The basketball legend

The world knows him as a basketball genius. But in his early days, he was notorious for the mistakes he made on the practice ground. He was unable to reach the natural height to touch the bar. His failure was his weak point, and his coach thought that he would remain a mediocre player quite far off from enjoying the ultimate success.

But here came his determination! Michael Jordan turned his shortcomings into his strength. His effort, the courage to overcome the odds, and perseverance made him the skilled athlete today; the world is crazy about.  

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde: The genius writer

Yes! He made a mistake announcing that he was a Gay. The conservative society and bureaucrats tagged him as an antisocial and criminal at that time. Despite being a rich man’s son, he became imprisoned, and he died at an early age. But his imprisonment could not snatch his genius from him. Oscar Wilde has become one of the most prolific writers in the world of literature.  

What was significant was his honesty to himself and the world around him. He suffered because he knew that he was right. The world punished him for having the courage to go against the grain, but he used that suffering to fuel his later success. The social discrimination experienced by Mr. Oscar Wilde led him to write the story of The Happy Prince, in which the main character was happy because of his golden heart despite all the wrong around him.

J.K Rowling: The Potter Author

J.K Rowling’s Potter series was a blockbuster. But initially, the publishers rejected the potter manuscripts. The publisher who accepted it because of an emotional outburst! The eight-year-old daughter of the CEO begged her father to publish the Potter story. When the book finally hit the market, it created a global sensation.

J.K. Rowling once thought that writing the Potter novel was the mistake of her life. But ultimately, the book snatched the best success for her. 

The potter series made a fortune for the publisher who published the book, considering it a mistake. The decision was more of a fatherly action than a business. 


Wrap up:

These are the seven success stories that started with a mistake. At least the world judged the action of these 7 successful individuals as a mistake. But what world had interpreted as a mistake; in reality, these mistakes paved the way for astounding success.

Success is not magic. Sometimes it comes smoothly, but sometimes it comes after the jerk of failure. We should not get perplexed if we encounter failure or if we commit mistakes. It is essential to learn from the mistakes and then pursue the goal unwaveringly to taste the sweetness of success.