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Skincare products litter the market, and most of them do not work. Only a select few can gain the customer’s confidence and remain a long-term option. Nerium is considered one of those brands and has a positive reputation on the market as being an effective solution. Yet, are these promises directly marketing gimmicks or the truth? It is essential to let an unbiased review take a more in-depth look into what this product offers. Whether or not it holds the requisite value, a customer should be receiving. Here are the pros and cons of Nerium.

What it Contains

Let’s take a look at what the skincare line contains before moving forward with the pros and cons. This can help better understand the value of the product and what it consists of before being put on the skin. Six primary ingredients go into the products that are released by this brand onto the market. The list of ingredients include:

  1. Green Tea Leaf (Extract)
  2. Peptide Matrix
  3. White Willow Bark (Extract)
  4. Caffeine
  5. Forskohlii Root (Extract)
  6. Nerium Oleander

These are the primary ingredients include in the entire line of skincare products. A combination of these ingredients is used to help manufacture a solution that reduces wrinkles and improves skin tighten.

Highly Effective

Let’s begin by looking at the most critical part of the review in general. If the anti-aging cream that is being put onto the skin is not as effective as the user wants it to be, there is no point in moving forward with it. A cream that does not do what it promises is a cream that is going to go out of business in a hurry. This is where Nerium is ahead of the game because they have tested the product and made sure that is highly effective from the word ‘go’. This is a real winner with the claims that are being made on the bottle not being as extreme as one would think. This is truly a brand that stands out for being remarkably accurate with the claims.

This is a quality product simply because it works, and that is a great situation for the consumer. It is nice and supple on the skin, and that makes it exciting to put it on.

It is also important to note the efficiency of the cream can be seen through how fast the results come in and how they come in. They are not going to come in rapidly, but they will not take months either. This is the charm of using this product line over the others that are available.


A product that is not safe is never going to be trusted. This is one of the most important parts of this review. Experts who have tested this product made sure it is one of the safest options to use. The clinical studies that were done are available on the Internet for those who are in search of further validation of the processes used to make sure the products are safe. A safe cream is the only type of cream that should be used in this day and age.

Nerium is a great solution because it does not cause significant side effects to pop up over time as some of the other solutions on the market. This is a risk that should not have to be taken, especially if the skin is going to worsen. The charm of using this particular product line comes in the form of how thoroughly it has been vetted before being released.

The ingredients used to make the cream are some of the lightest, yet fast-acting for anti-aging purposes. These ingredients have been tested and been put through the rigors prior to being released in order to ensure the best solution was made available to consumers and nothing less. The safety of the product line was tested, and it came out with flying colors as expected. This adds to the overall value of the product line, considering its efficiency.

Quick Acting

Upon reviewing the product, it is clear to see that it is one of the fastest acting solutions. This is important because most people do not have a lot of time to wait around. Yet, does this mean the results are going to come overnight? No, the product does take a small amount of time, but in comparison to the rest, it is much faster. Other creams tend to proclaim getting results in 3-4 months, but that might not be enough.

Nerium is a fantastic brand because the product line does work quickly. Many do claim to get results within a few weeks, but in general, the results will come in after a month or so. This is remarkably fast and does showcase the effectiveness of the cream in getting rid of those aging spots that develop on the skin over time.

Many people worry a cream that is going to be this fast might end up doing a lot of damage in the long term. The reason for their assumptions has to do with feeling the potency of the ingredients is too strong. Yet, all of this information has been validated as pointed out above to showcase Nerium only has the best ingredients that are not only safe but also quick.

This is a winning combination for users that want something that is not going to require multiple purchases to only see a slight change in skin quality. The aesthetics of the skin are essential and should be changed as soon as possible when such products are being used. Nerium has made sure this is the case in the long run with their product line. A quick-acting solution is the only type of solution that is wanted by the market in this day and age, and that is what you get with this particular brand.

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Additional Glow

This is a positive that has been noted by users who have applied the cream. It might not have been one of the promises claims that were made when the cream was released, but it has been pointed out in recent times. What is this particular feature that has been noted? The results have started to show that individuals who are using these products tend to have a certain glow to their skin that was not there previously. This is a great breakthrough because anti-aging products only focus on the lines and/or spots that are on the skin, but not about its quality as a whole.

This can lead to requiring the purchase of additional products to add a little bit of glow to the skin, and that is not something anyone wants to pay for. Yet, Nerium takes care of this all in one package, and that is a great positive to have in the bag.

The glow is something that will help the skin pop and really look at its best at all times as it should. The glow is going to reduce the aged look of a person even further.

Preventative Benefits Too

Along with the glow that was just spoken about above, it is important to note there are further benefits that have been found out to be true with this product line. What are these particular additional benefits one may ask? The key benefits have been noticed in how long term the results are in comparison to other products. Most products that are released tend to produce results for a week or two before the lines and/or spots start to show again. This is a frustrating cycle to get into and something no one wants to deal with.

This is where Nerium is able to separate itself from the rest of the market in a hurry. The products that are being applied by the users are not only working in the short term, but the long term as well. The lines and/or spots that might have popped up again down the road do not, and this makes the product line such a great option. A person is not only getting rid of those aging issues, but making sure they do not come back later on.

This has been noted for a lot of people who have used the product line and was pointed out in the clinical studies as well.

Good Customer Service

Over time, businesses have started to realize the value of being on good terms with consumers, but that does not mean companies adhere to this philosophy. There are many skincare companies that do not realize the value of making sure the customer is happy, and that can be highly frustrating. There are times where a legitimate issue with the skincare product is swept under the rug and ignored as a whole. This can lead the consumer to go bonkers. This is why the review also made sure the customer service of this brand is being looked into and tested.

The customer service that is employed to deal with this particular product line is ahead of the game. They are highly professional and make sure the customer is able to understand precisely what they want to know, and they are able to get the information as quickly as possible without having to go through numerous hurdles. It is those pesky hurdles that tend to do a lot of customers in because they do not want to deal with them.

The customer service is excellent and, along with the great products make it a fantastic solution now and in the future too.

Does Require Time

What about the cons? While, there are not too many cons that come along with this high-quality product, it does have a blemish that should be noted down. It is important to understand the cream is not a ‘magical’ solution that is going to get rid of everything in a hurry nor are the results going to be the same across the board.

Each individual is different and this should be remembered. Most people who are dealing with aging related skincare issues want the results to come in quickly and that is understandable. It is this need that is marketed to on a regular basis by companies that are just looking to sell. This brand does not use the same approach and wants to make sure the right product is being released for the consumers.

This is why it is critical to understand there is a process in place that has to be followed. Those who follow the directions will get great results, yet those who want immediate results will be left wanting. It is best to know this before making the purchase.

Closing Thoughts

Is Nerium worth it for those looking to add glow to their skin and look better in the long term? Does it hold the potential that the brand raves on about, or is it a gimmicky product that falls flat on its face like many others have in the past? No, this is not a gimmicky product, and that should be clarified effective immediately. This is one of the leading brands in the world, and the product itself is a testament to the quality of the skincare line that is being offered. This is one of the best skincare products on the market and deserves the reputation that it has earned.

Tightening the skin and making it look less aged is not a simple problem to crack. It has taken years of product testing to ensure the options being offered are up to par. This is what makes Nerium such a high-quality option for those who are looking to improve the look of their skin as soon as possible. This is one of the better choices on the market and an excellent buy for those who are looking to get quality results.