15 Stunning News Anchors Who Like To Show More Than Just News

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News anchors are local celebrities that practically everyone loves. Always happy and cheerful and telling us the news we need to know. But news, as we all know, can be boring sometimes. Good thing these stations hired girls who know how to keep our attention!

We scoured the web for the hottest women in news from around the world, and to our pleasant surprise found out that some of them like to show more than just the news! Which brings us to our first news anchor angel:

1. Courtney Friel – KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, California


Courtney currently works at KTLA as a news anchor. Originally she was a lead on her own news broadcast and was an entertainment reporter for Fox 11. She certainly has no problem bringing entertainment to the news. But off the news desk, Courtney has a much different side…

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