OMG! You Will Not Believe These 50 Strange-Looking People Are Actually Real

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Everyone wants to feel special, unique, and different. From hobbies to talents to physical features, many want to make themselves memorable. Sure, there is the common blue eyes, perfect abs, and great assets, but sometimes there are people that are truly unique. So unique, that others might actually think they are a freak. Check out this list of the 50 strange-looking people that will make you think twice about believing if they are actually real. Prepare your eyes!


#50 – Is it Rapunzel? 


Xie Quiping, from the country of China, set a world record for her hair being over 18 feet and 5.54 inches (that was in 2004). She said she started to grow the hair in 1973, and her hair continues to grow like the length of a giraffe. Can you imagine what it would be like to wash and maintain that?

#49 – He Sure Could Lick It All Up


Gene Simmons, from the band “Kiss,” might have the most famous of tongues, but check out this guy: Nick Stoeberl. He is the world record holder for the longest tongue and has his own show, “Tongue Show,” on YouTube. He even paints . . . with his tongue.

#48 – The World’s Longest Nails


Remember your parents telling you to keep your fingernails a certain length. Well, this guy did not get the message. His nails, on his left hand, are a total length over 358 inches. This Indian native, Shriday Chillal, has the world’s longest nails.

#47 – Pop Those Eyes


Some body parts will always be bigger than others, while others might be more talented. But, meet Kim Goodman. She can pop her eyeballs 12 mm outside of her sockets. You probably don’t want to see this, but you probably don’t want to look away either. We just hope she keeps her eyes in.

#46 – Rubber Man


The United Kingdom, Garry Turner, has taken stretching skin to the next level. Skin on Garry’s stomach can stretch 15.8 centimeters from his body. He has not trained his body to be this way. He has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but he doesn’t seem to care.

#45 – Pac-Man Fanatic


We have all been fans of super heroes and video games, but sometimes there are people that take this to the extreme. This next extremist is Tim Crist. He has loved Pacman since he was a child, and it continues to stay very strong. He has a shrine that is dedicated wholly to Pacman, and he created a video about his love for Pac-man.

#44 – Widest Tongue


Since we have already talked about the longest tongue, let’s next talk about the widest one. Brian Schlenker, the new world record holder, had a tongue 0.27 inches wider than the original world record at 3.37 inches. With a tongue that wide, one woman even asked Brian to lick her. There are no clues as to why his tongue is so wide, but as you can see from the photo, it looks like it will run in the family.

#43 – Just WOW


You might be thinking why did she do this. Mayra Hills, at 130 pounds, now has 72 pound assets. At only 5’6”, Mayra, also called Beshine, tells us that her cup size is a 32Z. When she sleeps, Mayra has to sleep on her side, so there is no worry about not being able to fall asleep because she will stay grounded.

#42 – Neverending Makeover


Most people never want to get old. This is the same for Cindy Jackson. She has over 30 years of keeping herself young. Through plastic surgery, she has had facelifts, rhinoplasties, and other surgeries to keep her looking young. She has literally tried every kind of surgery on the market.

#41 – Dead Man Walking


This next person has an interesting story. Lal Bihari was applying for a loan and found out he was considered dead. He came to find out his uncle wanted him dead, so he could talk Bihari’s land. Bihari knew his life was endangered, and really faked his death. In 1994, his restarted his life after a government dispute and ended up winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

#40 – Big-Nosed


Big noses make many people self-conscious. Well, this person is an inspiration for all big-nosed people out there. Mehmet Ozyurek has the biggest nose ever. It is almost 3 and 1/2 inches long. He is very proud of his nose because a stuffy nose doesn’t happen all that often for our friend Mehmet.

#39 –  Longest Beard


The beard has become popular again. Men now rock beards and women are more and more impressed. Insert Sarwan Singh, a native of India, who has always had a beard since he could grow one. His beard, which is over 8 feet, has been growing for a long, long time.

#38 – Teeth, Teeth, and More Teeth


What’s bizarre about this picture? His mouth looks normal to me. However, Vijay Kumar is not normal. He set a world record for the most teeth at 37, which is 5 more teeth than normal. This might not seem like a big deal, but we are talking about a guy who has to brush and floss for five extra ones. He must go through more toothpaste then, huh?

#37 – All Gauges


Ear gauges can be fun, but how about when they are extremely large? Kala Kawai, a native of Hawaii, has stretched his gauges to 4.3 inches. To give you a comparison, this is more than the dilation of the cervix when a woman is giving birth. Along with his gauges, he has some sweet horns that you will notice, as well.

#36 – Unicorn Woman


From this picture, you will see there are unicorns. Lian Xiuzhen, or the “Unicorn Woman,” has a horn on her head that is 13 centimeters long. This is caused by a virus, that is not life threatening, but has become infected over time. The horn unfortunately can not be removed surgically due to its size.

#35 – Cheek Holes


This guy has holes within his cheeks. He can do cool things, like pass things through the holes, like tunnels. Joe Miggler is the man with cheek holes. This process is similar to gauging. The only challenge for Joe is he has to cover them up when he is eating, so he doesn’t lose his food. He better cover them when he sleeps too, so he doesn’t droll all over the place.

#34 – Smallest Waist Ever


Talk about waist-training. This next bizarre person, Michele Kobke, has her waist down to 16 inches. Her goal was to have the smallest waist possible and she accomplished her goals. Many people have been critical of Michele’s waist, so she has started to add a few more inches, but isn’t completely back. Best of luck to you, Michele!

#33 – Ear Hairs


As people get older, especially men, hair will start to appear in places that you never thought possible. This man, Radhakant Bajpai, cherishes his ear hair and decides against clipping or trimming. Bajpai has hair on his ears measuring out at 13 centimeters. He has vowed not to cut it and uses a certain shampoo to keep it fresh and clean.

#32 – Unbelievable!


Micha Stunz is the man who is vying for the biggest private parts in the entire world. He has injected his “parts” with silicone to achieve his goal year after year. He is nine inches long and has a width of 5 inches. It weights over 10 pounds. He even uses a pump to help increase the speed of his development. You might have many questions for Micha, but let him be. They will be asked in another article.

#31 – Bloody Eye


Melanie Harvey is the girl who bleeds out of her eye. Since 2013, bleeding happens five times a day in places like her nose, eyes, and ears. Doctors are unsure of her condition and there is no cure as of now. Melanie, we hope everything works out!

#30 – Teen Forever


Some people want to use plastic surgery to keep them young. But, for Hyomyung Shine, he does not need any plastic surgery. He has Highlander Syndrome, which keeps him looking young and prevents any growth of his body. He is now over 27 years old, but still looks as if he hasn’t hit puberty.

#29 – Miraculous Change


Semen Gendler has a man born white. But, when he turned 66 years of age, he was diagnosed with cancer and Hepatitis C. He needed a transplant and badly. Gendler wasn’t able to find one in America but traveled to Russia to receive a liver from a black person. After his transplant, his skin started to change colors. Gendler is most happy he is alive, and couldn’t care less that his skin has changed.

#28 – Popeye The Sailorman


Did you know Popeye is real? A Minnesota native, Jeff Dabe, is a pro wrestling man with extremely huge biceps. He has forearms that are 19 inches wide and his hands are larger than a basketball. Gigantism is not Jeff’s condition, but doctors have not been able to explain the reason behind his arms.

#27 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fever


Michele Ivey is a collector of memorabilia for Ninja Turtles. Since she was a girl, she has collected weapons, movies, and action figures. You name it, and she has it. Most days, you can see Michele dressing up as the fifth member of the Turtles and eating pizza for her diet. She would be a great recruit, huh?

#26 – Merman Hottie


Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? Jack Laflin wanted to, and at 33 years old, he lives the life. This merman has to live above water and is carried everywhere he needs to go. For business, Jack sells tails that he makes, for others who want to be a merman like him.

#25 – Boneless Bend


Julia Guenthel, can touch her toes without bending her knees. Known as Zlata, Julia is an amazing Russian gymnast who can fit into tiny boxes which is a world record. Her marriage recently ended, where she bended over backwards, but instead she just got these pictures that you see.

#24 – How About Some Linen Spray for Fresh Breath


What is your weird habit? Evelyn, who has two children, loves when she has fresh breath. She loves the taste of linen and sprays it in her mouth. At other times, she drinks it. This has led to her appearance on “My Strange Addictions.”

#23 – Parrot Man


Ted Richards, straight from England, has spend his life trying to look like his favorite bird, a parrot. He has got piercings, tattoos, and his ears removed, all to look more real. He owns five parrots as pets, and he loves when he can get surgeries to look more like them every day.

#22 – Biggest Mouth


How about this talent? Francisco Joaquim has a big mouth, literally. At 6.7 inches wide, it is the biggest in the world. Maybe Vijay Kumar’s 5 extra teeth could be added to his mouth.

#21 – All Pierced Out


After looking at this picture, you might think this manes head weighs a lot. The German, Rolf Buchholz, has the world record for the most piercings in 2011 at 453. We imagine the count as increased now that it is 2016.

#20 – Real-Life Smurf


This man inspired the Smurfs! Just kidding, but he looks pretty close, right? Paul Karson took a product called colloidal silver to treat an existing condition, but he turned blue instead. The product was banded, but Paul’s pigment stayed the same.

#19 – Barbie Girl


Valeria Lukyanova has a goal in mind of being the real Barbie doll. She has had many surgeries to look exactly like the toy, and goes to the gym tirelessly to keep her that way. Maybe she will find Ken and get a Barbie mansion.

#18 – Hair All Over


So, this picture is not a costume at all. Yu Zhenhuan is literally the hairiest person in the world, with 95% of his body consumed by hair. He doesn’t trim or cut, but keeps it growing and growing. He must pay for a lot of shampoo

#17 – Body Tattoo

With 95% of her body covered in tattoos, Julia Gnuse has a skin condition. It’s called porphyria and she gets blisters from the sun. Instead of seeing blisters, Julia decided to get tattoos to hide the problem. Hope she is happy.

#16 – More and More Tattooes


With 100% of his body tattooed, Diamond Rich (or Luck Rich) likes to decorate his body. His eyelids and private areas are tattooed. His teeth are a whole matter separate from this picture and won’t go into them.

#15 – Huge Hips eh!


Men: You should never ask a woman their age. Also, you should next ask about their weight or their hips. Mikel Ruffinelli, on the other hand, loves when people ask. With 8 feet wide hips, she holds the world record for them. Her hips don’t lie. This all started after her first child, and her hips continued to grow and grow. She eats over 5000 calories to maintain these hips.

#14 – More Steroids Please


Steroids used to be used to get stronger and show more definition. Today, they are banned, but Steve Kucio continued to use them. As a firefighter and bodybuilder, he continues to try to look like Hulk. We hope that he doesn’t pop like a balloon.

#13 – More and More Steroids


This female is very similar to Steve Kucio. As a bodybuilder and steroid enthusiast, she continues to maintain her physique. Even decades of steroid use hasn’t caused health or physical issues.

#12 – Give Me A Big hand


This boy, Kaleem, was born with huge hands. He has a condition that is extremely rare. His hands grow larger and larger, while his head is even smaller. We hope his hands will be able to maintain a steady job from here on out.

#11 – Stretched Neck


This might seem unusual but stretching the neck is a normal occurrence. However, in the Western Hemisphere, this looks extremely weird. This woman must need a longer bed with a neck like that, right?

#10 – Such Huge Legs


This woman, Mandy Sellars, has a mutation that allows her legs to continue growing. After one of her legs got infected, they had to amputate it. After it was removed, it weighed in at 40 pounds. Crazy!

#9 – World’s Tallest Man


Sultan Kosen, from the country of Turkey, is the tallest man in the world. Measuring out at 8 feet and 3 inches, his head almost touches a basketball rim. A tumor on his pituitary gland allowed for his body to grow and grow. Even when he walks, he has to use crutches.

#8 – World’s Shortest Man


This is Chandra Bahadur Dangi. He has many short family member. At less than 4 feet tall, he has 4 of 5 brothers that are extremely short. Dangi, however, is even shorter, at 1 foot and 10 inches. At the age of 75, this is the shortest man in the world.

#7 – World’d Shortest Woman


The shortest woman in the world is Jyoti Amge. She has achieved a lot of fame for her stature, starring in moves and TV shows. At 2 feet and 0.6 inches tall, she was a great supported actress on American Horror Story with Emma Roberts.

#6 – Such A Beefcake


We all know what it’s like to gain a few pounds, but how about gaining so much weight you weight 1,100 pounds? Meet Patrick Deuel. He is the heaviest man in the world. However, he did have surgery to help his issue and now weight about half that, at 570 pounds. We hope he will continue to lose the weight to fit into skinnier jeans.

#5 – World’s Heaviest Woman


The state of Iowa has the heaviest woman in the world. Charity Pierce weighs in at 765 pounds. She hopes to lose 200 pounds, due to her nuptials. Unfortunately, she will lose her title, but we hope she will live a long life with her new husband.

#4 – Cow Baby Cow


Do you love imitations? Well, then you will like Austin Siok who loves to imitate cows. He is so good that the cows follow him around. At the age of 7, he has used his gift to win countless cow-calling competitions.

#3 – Too Much Of Something Is Bad


This picture is an example of too much of a good thing. Jocelyn Wildenstein has gone under the knife too many times. But, she doesn’t seem to mind. She likes the way she looks now.

#2 – Nipple Knits


What do you like to do in your spare time? Audrey Handcastle loves to knit, but not just anything. She loves to knit nipples. She donates them to help mother learn about breastfeeding. She makes money while helping a good cause. Way to go, Audrey!

#1 – Buff the Stuff


The Incredible Hulk is real. Look at this picture. Zydrunas Savickas, or “Big Z,” can deadlift a weight of 1,100 pounds. He can lift the heaviest man in the world, and has the arms to prove it. He could really help anybody move.