These Celebrities Obviously Are Not Aging Gracefully

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Tara Reid


Can you remember the American Pie movies? Who could forget Tara Reid? She was the beautiful girl that everybody wanted to be with. She also was in other great films like Urban Legend and The Big Lebowski. Unfortunately, her stardom did not last forever.

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Tara’s beauty was not timeless. After she did not get much attention as she had been getting in the 90s and 2000s, she began to suffer from alcoholism, which explains her faded physical appearance. Her nutrition has not stayed up-to-date, and it has made her look like a shell of herself.

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Macauley Culkin

This baby face was a star in the 80s and 90s. With movies like Alone and Home Alone 2, you might have thought that he would turn out to be one handsome guy . . . Unfortunately, no!

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Now looking like a homeless dude, Culkin likes to be around bars. It sounds like he has a drug issue that he can’t beat. He looks more like Jack Sparrow every day.

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Lindsay Lohan

This girl was so amazing in movies such as Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. As she grew older, every man wanted to be with her and every woman wanted to be her.

Unfortunately, the drugs and partying did not help her age, in fact they took a huge toll on her body. Click Next to see the aftermath of a battle with drug addiction…

However, too much partying has affected who she is. Drug addiction and alcohol binges have left her in jail quite a few times. At 28 years old, she has quickly gone from being wanted to unwanted.

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Ozzy Osborne


Ozzy started out with not much of anything. He grew up being an attractive young man, but got involved in the drugs and 80s rock n’ roll. His life soon began to change his physic and his brain.

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From biting a bat’s head off, Ozzy did not become more famous, but more weird. The drugs definitely did something to Ozzy.

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Val Kilmer

Once a Batman will always be a Batman. In fact, he was the best Batman of all. He has good looks, and even greater moves. He was the older version of Channing Tatum today. He also worked with Tom Cruise in the movie “Top Gun”.

Unfortunately, all has gone down hill for Kilmer since then…See Next slide for a recent photo of Val

There have been issues galore for Val. From not being able to breathe and cancer of the throat, Kilmer is no Batman anymore.

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Pamela Anderson

Pamela was the beauty of the 90s. Young men had her pictures hanging up in their room, and young women wanted to be those pictures. Her body was perfection and she made lifeguard a legitimate career. However, problematic relationship were the death of her great life.

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It looks like her beauty has ended. Too much plastic surgery and bad relationships with Kid Rock and Tommy Lee have left her a mess.

Next up is a celeb that took plastic surgery a bit too far…we think Kim looked better before all the operations. What do you think?

Lil Kim

This woman had it all. With her beauty, talent, and great body, many people wanted to be just like her. However, it did not last long enough for her

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After Biggie’s death, she went to jail. Her beauty did not last and plastic surgery did not do her any favor. It was not the best choice she could have made. She does not even look like the same person.

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Mickey Rourke

If you were around on the 80s, you would know that this guy was every woman’s crush. His great smile and slicked-back hair left every woman wanting more. It is quite sad that he did not age very well.

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After his heartthrob career, he began to take up boxing and that took a toil on his good-looks. Because of his new hobby, he needed a few reconstructive surgeries to bring back his good looks. Now at 62, he looks much older than expected.

Our next celeb was one of our favorite childhood Pop Star…but time has taken a toll on her body. Can you guess who it is? Click Next to see if you were correct

Britney Spears

This pop star jumped onto the scene in the 90s. Her pop music earned her loads of money, amazing looks, and a famous lifestyle. Justin Timberlake even dated her! What could go wrong, right?

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From a mental breakdown, to a shaved head, and a relationship that led to divorce, Spears really struggled for quite awhile. Now, she has come back to reality, for the most part, and is on the upswing again.

You won’t believe how horribly our next Celeb from ‘Sex & The City’ aged…

Sarah Jessica Parker

This actress had brains and beauty. With her stardom fueled from Sex and the City, she was quite busy acting. Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick had three kids. Maybe this was where it went wrong?

Sarah Jessica Parker unfortunately does not look younger than her number of birthdays. With Botox and many other surgeries, her skin is now dropping. Her children probably have something to do with her physic now.

Axl Rose

As one of the leaders of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose gained much stardom during the 80s because of this music. People worshiped his music and he was considered the greatest music star of the time, but the 90s and beyond did not fair well for him.

After 20 years away from music, he got quite fat and many people cannot even recognize the old Axl. He went from Rock N’ Roll God to someone forgotten in the span of thirty years.

Carrot Top

Remember this guy on cell-phone commercials? He would always wear make-up, so we were never sure what was under his cosmetics.

Carrot Top has done quite well for himself, even though he was never much of a looker. He continues to have performances across the world, and the party scene is on his radar.

John Travolta

Oh My! Grease and Saturday Night Fever brought this man to fame. He was an attractive man that all women wanted to be with. Don’t you wish you could switch places with this guy? Well, not anymore.

These days, Johnny looks more like a vampire. Unfortunately, he has gone through a lot of personal turmoil. With gain weight, gray hairs, and less dancing, he might need Carrot Top to give him his stylist’s phone number.



In the 80s and 90s, this beautiful woman won the hearts of pop music fanatics everywhere. Her voice and fashion were unique, but this did not last.

Rough might be an understatement for Madonna. Her beautify has faded and plastic surgery has not helped. It looks like she needs to add some make-up, or go back to the 80s.

Brendan Fraser

George of the Jungle proved that Mr. Fraser had some great abs. In the Mummy series, he continued to be respected by other members of the cinema community. However, he is not the same man that the women wanted.

Fraser’s ex-wife really sucked the life out of him. He has not been seen on the big screen in a long time, and it is probably good because his face has not held up.