Hack Your Way To Romance With The Coolest & Most Unique Valentine’s Gifts of 2020

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Just when we think we’re done with the season of gifts and shopping, before we know it, we’re scrambling to find Valentine’s Day gifts for our special someone.

Thankfully, now’s the time when retailers and online stores are blitzing to sell all their leftover inventory to make room for the Spring shopping season. And we’ve done all the hard work of scouring the web to find the coolest and most unique Valentine’s Day gift deals for you.

Whether you’ve been together 10 years, 10 months, or 10 days – we think you’ll find something here that’ll show that special someone just how much you really care.

1. Rose Bear: Simply The Best Valentine’s Day Gift of 2020

Let’s be honest here, nobody can go wrong with a teddy bear made of roses. Whether for your newly admired or for a longtime lover, there’s nothing as warming to the heart than this Luxury Rose Bear. This is a gift that anyone will appreciate. Made of soft synthetic roses, this gorgeous rose-covered teddy makes for the perfect gift that will look great as a decoration piece in your Valentine’s home, office, or nightstand.

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2. The Rose That Lasts Forever

4Keeps Flower
What better way to show undying love than with a rose that lasts forever? These preserved roses are real roses that have been specially treated so they will last up to 2 years – no water or sunlight necessary. Hand-picked at peak freshness from the farmlands of Colombia, each and every rose is 100% natural and free of toxic chemicals or pesticides. Compare to similar brands *cough Venus Et Fleur cough* that cost hundreds of dollars for similar packages of preserved roses.
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3. Awesomely Unique Personalized Gifts

Tired of giving the same, predictable Valentine’s Day gifts? This year go beyond flowers and candy and give the special person in your life a unique gift made just for them. Personalization Mall offers dozens of ridiculously cool ideas and an assortment of sentimental presents they’ll be thrilled to receive this Valentine’s Day.

Easily add names, monograms, photos, messages (and a whole lot more) to create unique gifts they’re sure to love. Is your Valentine a fan of romance? Check out the custom jewelry, jewelry boxes and beautiful keepsake options that show how deeply you care. If they crave something more sensual or seductive, satin personalized robes and yummy chocolate body paint are sure to spice things up in the bedroom. Whatever their style or personality, you can create the perfect one-of-a-kind gift that’ll spark smiles, laughs, love and maybe much more 🙂

Personalization Mall is offering up to 40% off all Valentine’s Day gifts and free shipping on orders $45 and up.

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4. Wine Not Stay In? Wine Lovers Can’t Say No To This Deal

Valentines Day is all about romance and Splash Wines has curated a very special offer just for the season. Amor, Amour, Amore & Amare – they all mean love in different languages: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. All of the wines we selected for this pack come from these romantic countries and they are absolute showstoppers. You can choose a mixed case featuring all ten wines or an all-red or all-white version.

Splash is offering 15 Bottles (yes, 15) of Romantic Wines for only $85 with Free Shipping while supplies last. That’s less than $6 a bottle. But you’ll want to hop on this one fast because last year’s similar deal completely sold out.

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5. Save Big On Chocolate By Ordering Direct Online

Russell Stover Valentines Day Special

You’d never guess how much grocery and retail stores mark up prices on Valentine’s Day gifts this time of year. And chocolates are amongst the many.

Planning on spoiling the office this year? Special treats for the kids? Thinking about Mom, Dad and the in-laws too? Well whether you’re planning on treating everyone you know or just that one special someone, buying online will save you a ton vs the stores.

Russel Stover has treats of all shapes and sizes, and in addition to dodging the steep store markups, these guys always like to run a special Valentine’s Day offer this time of year.

Use coupon code MORELOVE to save up to 25% on your order. The more you buy now, the more you save later. Trust us on this one.

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6. Massive Deal: Forever Love Necklace

Forever Love Necklace
Chocolate gives you cavities. (Most) flowers wilt and die. But jewelry remains a timeless symbol of forever love.

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, Janssen Jewelry products are dazzling to the eye and immediately catch the light upon their big reveal. By incorporating glittery diamond simulants⁠ — as opposed to conventional gemstones — these pieces can be offered at prices far below what you might expect for the quality.

Made from durable, highly-polished stainless steel and sophisticated Eco-Gem™ stones, Janssen’s Forever Love necklace is perfect for everyday wear, and women of all ages find them quite irresistible.

Janssen Jewelry products feature synthetic gemstones that are sustainable, ethical, and conflict-free. Unlike unethical diamonds that pollute the earth and cause violent conflict, synthetic gems don’t involve deforestation, ecosystem disruption, or damaging erosion.

For a limited time, Janssen Jewelry is offering 50% off this timeless piece.

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7. Make A Truly Unforgettable Moment With A Boomf

The original exploding card, the Boomf Bomb, bursts free from the envelope in a shower of confetti revealing a personalized photo and new-found distrust in your relationship, all for $10 or less. You can also get personalized pics of you and the loved one on Marshmallows or a Double Chocolate bar for consolation. Boomf ships from the UK but with very cheap 2-3 day US delivery options, so you can be sure your nefarious plans arrive in fast and frugal fashion.

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8. “Oh, You Mean The World’s Finest Long-Stem Roses?”

“The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.”⁠ offers the best and most beautifully boxed long stemmed roses, gerberas, lilies tulips and variety of mixed seasonal flowers, accompanied by fine French champagne, premium red and white wines, teddy bears and chocolates – all hand delivered.

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9. Send Them A Real Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

These handcrafted bottles are beautifully arranged and made to order with your very own message. (For those of you less poetically inclined, don’t worry, they provide ideas.)

You choose your additions to the bottle (sand and shells, Rose Petals, Romance Mix, or a message only) to create the perfect impression for a perfect occasion. Messages are hand formatted by design experts and printed on fine parchment paper. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even add a bottle etching or package the bottle in a wood case for that perfect touch.

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10. Luxury Chocolate That Won’t (Completely) Break The Bank


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11. Hug Them To Sleep Every Night With A Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket

A Valentine’s Day gift everyone can get behind… and under! If you’re stuck on what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day, or the thought of the holiday makes your head hurt, you probably need a break. And if you want to basically buy yourself a great gift, while giving it to someone else, you’re gonna want to check out an anxiety-relieving weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets act as a a safe non-drug therapy for those dealing with sleepless nights. The blankets are filled with beads and provide deep pressure touch stimulation, much like a big warm bearhug. Sharper Image is running a huge post-holiday 50% off sale on their Calming Comfort line right now, so now’s never been a better time to give the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike other brands, they offer a money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied, so you can try it out for 99 days with zero risk.

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12. Direct from Warehouse Watch, Sunglasses & Purse Clubs

The luxury industry is broken. Designer brands are succumbing to the fast fashion movement, and a handful of conglomerates control the industry, which allows them to sell handbags, sunglasses, and watches that are marked up by as much as 20 times what they cost to make.

Enter direct-from-warehouse clubs. These guys offer hand-picked designer product trials, at a fraction of retail prices.

Here how it works:
1. You only pay the cost of shipping.
2. You or your significant other tries it on for size (usually 2-4 weeks).
3. You only pay for the product if you like it.
4. If you don’t like the item you received for any reason whatsoever, the warehouse takes it back no questions asked.

You can see why this makes the most sense for gift giving, because let’s be honest here, not everyone shares the same taste in fabulous 🙂

And the best part? The expert designers pick FOR you, that way you won’t even have to take the heat if the item’s not quite their cup of tea.

We’ve found 3 of the top direct-from-warehouse clubs that offer:
1. Luxury Watches
2. Designer Sunglasses
3. Designer Purses

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